Offer:With which services will you reach your target group?

You have now defined the central change in behaviour that your project wants to bring about. We will now look at your offer for the target group. What do you have to offer your target group so that they start to change their behaviour? How will you convince them?

Example VillageOffice

To bring about a situation in which current commuters want to and are able to work from where they live, they require co-working spaces nearby their homes, while their companies also need to be willing to allow them to work outside the company. Information also has to be provided on the topic. This results in three specific task packages:

My 0 to 100 moment:

You know your target group so well that appropriate offers spring to mind much easier.

How it works

Everything revolves around the central offer: the service that is to trigger the change in behaviour. In addition to this service, there are usually further tasks, such as developing your team and securing start-up financing. You shouldn?t neglect these tasks, as they will make you successful as a team and consistent as a project.

Remember, you don?t have to do everything yourself. Partnerships and alliances support each other in focussing on what matters. More on this can be found in section 3.3.

Are there framework and environmental conditions that you require to be in place? If so, is it likely that you can simply assume these conditions or will you have to take action so that these requirements are also actually met? Being aware of the requirements that need to be met helps you to put together the project in its entirety.

In the VillageOffice example, free spaces within municipalities for co-working spaces, as well as the availability of the required IT technologies, are prerequisites.


Imagine the project as bigger than the idea that started it all.

Your considerations up to this point may perhaps have already yielded further project goals and identified additional target groups that you previously hadn't actively had in mind and have now been able to pinpoint.

Example VillageOffice:

The goal of firms making it possible for employees to work outside the company has been added. And the target group of the co-working spaces to be advised in terms of attractive design.

Plan B:

this exercise enhances your flexibility. After all, there are several ways to achieve an objective. Which is the best usually only becomes apparent with hindsight.