Ideas become reality

From 0 to 100 supports you in turning a brave idea into an effective project for a more sustainable world. From the planning stage to your project launch and beyond. With tangible advice, proven tools, elegant tricks and real energy boosters. Let´s get started!

One of 100:
the example of VillageOffice

“From 0 to 100” is based on the experiences of more than 100 pioneering projects and the pioneers involved in them. Using the example of VillageOffice, we will support you in tackling the challenges that need to be overcome, accompanying you as you work through all 12 sections of this online handbook.

By creating and building up a network of co-working spaces in rural regions of Switzerland, VillageOffice helps to reduce the frequency with which people in the countryside have to commute into the city for work. The project was launched in 2016 by Jenny and Dave. You will be able to call on their experiences and knowledge for support from this point on.

Our tools for success

0 to 100 moments
What pioneering projects feel like

How it works
A host of tips to advance your project

The accelerator for your project

Proven tools from practice

Deep dive
Inspiration and backgrounds

With your idea, you want to change the world for the better in the long term. This is easier said than done. This is because for your vision to be turned into reality, people need to rethink how they behave in certain areas – and also have to be willing to change their behaviour on a voluntary basis. To achieve this, you need a specific offer for your target group that supports and triggers the desired behavioural change. The impact chain that you establish here will support you later like a guide.

My 0 to 100 moment

Your idea has been checked, now you need a plan. There are four questions that you should answer calmly before getting started. This is because you need people who are convinced by your idea – your target group. And you need people that will support you and accompany you on your way to reaching your objective – your project team. Your project also needs to be subjected to an initial financial check. And finally, you should also have some money in the coffers for the project launch.

You have effectively planned your idea and successfully got it over the start line. However, a pioneering project never goes to plan. This is because there are many factors that are key to success over which you have no control. It is for this reason that we help you in learning from failure. We prepare you for crises that are sure to confront you. And support you in gradually becoming part of something bigger. While ensuring you keep your feet on the ground in the process.

About Us

Have you asked yourself how we actually came up with all of these tips and tricks? The answer isn?t simple: this is because we too first had to learn what works and what doesn?t. Nothing that you read here was clear from the outset or simply fell into our laps. In creating every section, there have also been times when we have come a cropper or even had a resounding slap in the face. However, there have also been lucky coincidences and motivating successes. Or in short: lots of 0 to 100 moments.

The Migros Pioneer Fund supports pioneers who want to break new ground and help to shape a more responsible society. It is made possible by the subsidiaries of the Migros Group, who make CHF 15 million available for this purpose each year. Founded in 2012 as the Migros Commitment Development Fund, its pioneering spirit has also been reflected in its name since 2021. The Migros Pioneer Fund is part of the social commitment of the Migros Group.

Read more about our own history, about the 100 pioneering projects that have formed the basis of our experiences and about our team.