It's the effect that counts: how your idea makes the world a better place

said than done. This is because for your vision to be turned into reality, people need to rethink how they behave in certain areas – and also have to be willing to change their behaviour on a voluntary basis. To achieve this, you need a specific offer for your target group that supports and triggers the desired behavioural change. The impact chain that you establish here will support you later like a guide.
  • Offer

    What services will you offer your target group so that they voluntarily start to change their behaviour?

  • Impact chain

    Via which interim steps will your project offering bring about a change in behaviour among your target group?

  • Objective

    Who actually needs to change their behaviour and how exactly so that society moves closer to your achieving vision?

  • Vision

    What social change do you ultimately want to contribute to with your project? What exactly is supposed to change for the better?